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LOCAL (per-seat) ALP Licenses

This type of license gives you permissions to use the ALP engine on a single PC. For detailed information and license agreement text please refer to the ALP site. Having such a license you can run any ALP compatible application on the licensed PC(s) no matter if it has their own license attached or not. The applications distributed by owners of Developer license for ALP have embedded developer license supplied by their vendors and they do NOT require you to have LOCAL license for ALP. Therefore the LOCAL license is needed if you are going to develop applications for yourself/internal usage, download and use applications not built for ALP but compatible with it, freeware/shareware applications for ALP distributed by authors who do not have Developer license for ALP etc. In general if you have several PCs and you want to use ALP to drive your own applications for internal usage, applications from different sources, ASP applications not licensed for ALP this license should be most convenient for you. If you want to develop applications with ALP and distribute them without limits, not requiring your customers to have ALP licenses or even knowing that they use the ALP engine - then you need a Developer license.

You have LOCAL ALP license - how to use

Automatically: (Active Local Pages 1.2 and later). If the machine you want to license is connected to the Internet you can apply the license in one simple step. Go to the licensing page (A shortcut is installed in Start menu/Programs/newObjects/ALP). Go to automatic licensing and enter the e-mail from your order and the password received from us. Then click the Proceed button and that is all! If an error occurs you will be informed about the best way to deal with it (a problem may be caused by a network problem or your permissions on the local machine).

Manually: (Active Local Pages 1.1,  1.2 and later). If you've purchased a LOCAL (per-seat) ALP lciense(s) you have received a message with your license data. It is based on the e-mail specified in your order. It contains also a password you will need to use when requesting license file for a PC. To license a PC install ALP 1.1 (or later) on it and go to the licensing page (can"t find it - see below). Using the form on the page generate a license request file and then upload it to the Generate online page. If everything is OK the page will respond with a file - save it and then import it by using the license page on the PC where it has been generated.

Why it works this way? As you know ALP can run on machines without network connection. Therefore you may need to apply a license to a PC not attached to the network. Generating a license request file for the purpose allows you to approve the license request file from another machine and then import the approved license request on the original PC on which the license request has been generated. If you have pack of ALP Local licenses the system administrator can, generate the license requests on each of them, bring them on a machine connected to the Internet, approve them from there and import each file on the corresponding PC. If that is the case - use the file name prefix optional field to specify a hint that will help you distinguish the files. 

Where is the licensing page?

Open the ALP Viewer from the link installed in the start menu/newObjects/ALP - named ALP Viewer (ALPFRame) and go to the ALP Licensing.

If you have installed the full ALP package with examples and welcome pages the Welcome also page contains a link to the licensing page.

In both cases ALP Installer registeres the ALP Licensing page into the automatically generated home page for ALP Viewer (ALPFrame). Opening the ALPFrame without parameters (from the start menu for example) will open that page.

How the LOCAL license works?

The Active Local Pages product is licensed in a way that follows the natural usage logic. Therefore it is assumed that an user may need and has right to install ALP on his/her desktop machine, on his/her laptop and even PDA (When the PDA version becomes available). It is enough to obtain one LOCAL license for all the devices dedicated to a single person. In order to avoid complex and unclear definitions of what is a workstation and device/portable pc attached to it ALP licensing is based on a very simple mechanism similar to the licensing mechanism used with the eBooks. The licensing server will approve no more than 2 (two) license requests per day per each license you have. For example if you have 2 local licenses on your account you will be able to approve 4 requests per day. However note that this is a promotional restriction which will be valid to June 2005 when the rule will be changed to 3 licenses approvals per week per license which will be enough to cover the needs of persons with 3 devices (PC, laptop and a PDA), but will limit the possibility to deviate from the license legal restrictions. We kept this low level of restriction for some time in order to promote the LOCAL license usage for those who are not sure if it will suit their needs - allowing them test the deployment scenarios and plan their future purchases. Note that there is a substantial discount when you buy more than one LOCAL ALP licenses in packs.

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