Submit ALP LOCAL license request

This type of licensing is of per-seat type - for a single machine. You may have one or more such licenses. To request a license you should have generated the request file ON THE PC which will be licensed to use ALP. If you have no Internet connection on that PC you can submit the generated file from any convenient location. Browse for that file and upload it by using the form below. If everything is OK the form will respond with download - the file with the same name updated with the licensing data as requested. Save this file and then import it on the PC where the file was generated.

If error occurs after submitting the file please read the error text. As a protection against fraud attempts your account allows limited number of wrong attemts (wrong password) per day. Also there is a limit of how many times you can request license per day - 2 times for each LOCAL ALP license you own. Usually you will need to perform this action again only if you are reinstalling your OS. However you can request the license again at any time (in case it has been lost for example).

License request file: